Pursuing life with urgency and intention because our purpose and dreams cannot wait

Best practices on pursuing life, dreams, and pupose with urgency and intention

May we inspire each other to live, love, and dream boldly!

When You're Not Feeling It

Easy tips to regain focus


The right answer is that we should be ready and on it all the time.  That is not realistic.  Sometimes it’s just hard.  When you don't feel like it.  For whatever reason- here are a few tips that helped me.

Wasting Time

Why waste time convincing ourselves to we don’t have to do something when we can just get it done?

Inner Circle

When motivation is low, find a friend that will hold you accountable to your goals and dreams.


Discomfort is a road block to success and greatness.  Push through, go over, or around it. 


Revisit your why.  Go get it