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How Important is Team?

Winning teams know the true value of teamwork. 

I am a huge proponent of team.  In college, I was a student-athlete at Colgate University.  My volleyball team was awesome.  Everyone from the coaches to the parents and everyone in between including the statisticians, athletic trainers, equipment managers, and the bus driver- together we were better.  I do not say it in gest.  Every last person mattered.  On the team, whether you were a starter or not.  Each individual contributed great things to the team- on and off the court.  

I have made it a tradition to head up to Colgate during preseason to meet with the team.  This year, it was not the best timing for me.  Nonetheless, I made the trip and it was worth it.  The beauty of the campus in late Summer is impressive

These days, I am building a different type of team- call it a community. Together we can effect change.