Pursue life with urgency and intention because our purpose and dreams cannot wait

Pursue life with urgency and intention because our purpose and dreams cannot wait!

May we inspire each other to effect change while we live, love, and dream boldly!


Introducing my girls to the Mediterranean

Introducing my girls to the Mediterranean


Road Map to Your Dreams

This year I have been taking it quite literally.  My girls and I have traveled extensively to visit with loved ones and share quality time together.  It has been wonderful.  My dream is to have the time to do more living.  Traveling and spending time with loved ones are on the top of this list and for the summer I was living this dream.

I believe that travel and exposure are important.  I believe that travel cultivates a set of skills that are useful for adapting in any environment.  Organization, following directions, situational awareness, problem solving, discovery, and setting priorities were key components of our adventures.  I welcome the opportunity to explore different cities and countries to challenge my point of reference.  I welcome the change in environment to provoke questions and stir different conversations. 

My girls and I are returning back to routine and I am fighting it a bit.  The irony is that I am a routine type of gal, so I should be looking forward to getting back to routine, yet part of me has been stirred and I am eager to continue what we have started. 

However, ahead are shorter cool days and long dark starry nights.  I welcome the color display of the Fall but I know that the cold of Winter follows.  Truth is, I really enjoy all four seasons.  Summer is, by far, my favorite and Spring is a close second.  I think this is where my roots in upstate New York show.  I enjoy the heat of Summer with fervor because it only lasts a short while.  The intensity with which I celebrate Summer is not sustainable and I could not keep that pace year round.  I will embrace the calm and rest of Fall and Winter so come Spring, I am ready to take off on more adventures. Live.

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