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How to Think Yourself out of Doing Anything at all in Four Easy Steps

How to Think Yourself Out of Doing Anything at All in Four Easy Steps.   Change the way you think.

How to Think Yourself Out of Doing Anything at All in Four Easy Steps.   Change the way you think.

Never has doing nothing been so easy.

Step one

It is not going to work.  Don't even try.  Any effort is futile.

Step two

Choose carefully.  Choose very very carefully.  Take so much time hashing out unknown variables that you waste an inordinate amount of time or have missed the opportunity altogether.

Step three

Point out problems and offer no solutions.

Step four

Fear failure so much that you are afraid to try anything unless you have found a way to guarantee extreme success.

Getting out of my own way is a recurring struggle.

As open minded as I try to be, as big of a proponent of possibility as I attempt to be- I am great at creating obstacles in my mind that preclude attempt.  Thinking things through to inaction is counterproductive.  I can engineer multiple reasons or excuses why I should not and there are many times that I believe that I can effectively predict an outcome without an actual attempt.  I call this preemptive thought.  Sometimes I need to do more and think less.  Thinking things through is important.  However, some variables are only revealed in real time.  No amount of thought can predict this type of outcome. It must play out.  There is value in attempts if I am willing to learn and move forward.  I have to stop creating obstacles and mental hurdles. 

Enough of the excuses, already.

I am able to do more than I think I can.  I have to change the way that I think.  I am learning to let my ideas go and see if they have wings. There may be problems but I can handle them.  I will tackle one problem at a time.  Failure is a necessary part of learning, discovery and greatness.  

The thing is- someone has to effect change.  Why not you?  Live your dreams.  You are able to do more than you think you can.  It's time to change the way you think.