Pursue life with urgency and intention because our purpose and dreams cannot wait

Pursue life with urgency and intention because our purpose and dreams cannot wait!

May we inspire each other to effect change while we live, love, and dream boldly!

2017: Year in Review

Autumn McKenzie Jackson in NYC 

Autumn McKenzie Jackson in NYC 


It is perfect timing to share a brief year in review.  Before projecting forward to 2018, I want to highlight 2017.  It has been a fabulous year of memorable occasions.  I like to look back and see progress made and there has been positive growth on all fronts. 

I am especially grateful for this blog.  Sharing my thoughts and getting into the routine of writing, although intimidating, have been great.  Mostly, I have enjoyed the conversations that have sprouted from or inspired me to write some of these pieces.

Spreading Love and Joy

My little girls and I have been making time to live and share life while spreading sunshine and joy.  Our objective is to savor life and cultivate relationships.  We have visited friends and family in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Missouri, Illinois, California, Virginia, and North Carolina.  I took my girls out of the country for the first time in several years to visit friends in England and France.  We love to travel.  My girls are great on road trips and eager to hop on a flight.   

Holiday 2017

In the meantime, it is rather impossible to move off the topic of holidays.  The weekend after Thanksgiving, the tree was up and decorated.  There are only eighteen more days to indulge on lights, pine, and Christmas Songs. 

Our travel for 2017 is officially over.  We rounded out the year last weekend in and about New York City (NYC).  The lights and scale of NYC decorations are incomparable. I was walking around with eyes wide open and a wide smile on my face.  While in NYC, I was able to catch up with several friends.  Our conversations were rich and centered on life and dreams and I am excited for what is ahead in 2018.   Let us start by making the most of today.