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Enough or More?

Me and my  girls  in Cali.  Love them

Me and my girls in Cali.  Love them

I am content. 

Really, I am content!  I have enough.  I do.  Most of my basic needs have been met and I am grateful.  Is this at odds with wanting more?  I am restless at times. When is enough enough?  


Life is an opportunity for growth.  If you do not grow, you run the risk of being stagnant.  Stagnant things do poorly.  There has to be movement, circulation, exchange, and growth.  It is a natural part of life. 

I believe that getting comfortable can be dangerous.   Staying nimble is important.  I never know what life will require of me.  I like to stretch beyond what I know I can do.  I like to test limits.  I get a certain amount of satisfaction pushing boundaries.  

Who is Holding the Bar?

I like to set personal goals but society's or someone else’s measuring stick on my life does not necessarily add up.  If I have embraced my personal truths and I am doing things for the right reason, I believe it is okay to Indulge some of my wants.