Pursuing life with urgency and intention because our purpose and dreams cannot wait

Best practices on pursuing life, dreams, and pupose with urgency and intention

May we inspire each other to live, love, and dream boldly!


Everything is going to work out.  Change and trials happen.  I was concerned that I was given more that I could handle.  I was looking for a reason to give up.  Still, I am not a quitter!

I am in awe of the peace that has been mine.  It can only be explained by God.  The joy and optimism that I have today is real.   I am non confrontational.  If your beliefs are different, I am not looking for heated debates over the tenants of religion. I just want to be transparent- my faith has given me and continues to give me hope.  There is beauty in differences and dialogue.  I can only share my experience as I know it to be true.