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Travel with Intention

Travel is multidimensional for me. One of my favorite things to do is take time to connect with those that live in our planned destination. If I am coming to your city, I let my friends know because I hope to catch up in person!

We just returned from San Diego. We have many friends in Southern California so we explored bits of San Diego, Orange County and LA in the midst of connecting with several friends. It was wonderful. It was so wonderful, I made several oversights that resulted in us not only missing our return flight but any chance of returning that day which impacted our plans and obligations for the following day. Ugh.

I was more than disappointed that I missed my flight. It burned me up a bit that I trapped myself. The few remaining flights were full. I tried other airports. Nothing. I chose not let it get me down. I declare that every day is not perfect, nor should it be. My children saw me problem solve in real time. I did my best to mitigate fallout and I became open to the possibility that I was meant to be where I was and that I should be open to the greatness that was only possible in the chance that I missed my flight. It’s all about perspective.