Pursuing life with urgency and intention

Pursuing life and work with urgency and intention

May we inspire each other to live, love, and dream boldly!

Feeling Grateful

I could not see here from there. The hope and joy that I have today- I never imagined it would be mine- again.

This week I was interviewed for an upcoming podcast scheduled to be released next month. While I had a brief cameo on a podcast earlier this year- this was essentially my first podcast interview. I was nervous but prepared because I am living my life. My life is what it is. I struggle with labels and steroetypes and my whole life I have fought to break molds. I am unique. There is no one like me.

In the interview, I was asked to share my story. I am grateful for the chance to look back and appreciate the grace that was given to me. Those days, I had no capacity. I completely leaned on God to get me through. I was nothing without him. From the depths of my despair he gave me renewed hope and revealed my potential. While I have accomplished and lost much- my life was just beginning. God has a plan for me. I am nothing without him.

In the living of the day to day, it is too easy to loose perspective. Because of this, I have gone back to daily reflections and devotion. Upon returning to capacity, I often insert my way, my will and my desires up front. I must never lose sight of what God has done and continues to do for me. I am here by his grace and daily I pray for the courage to live this life that I have been given to live. Daily I make bold decisions to live life with urgency and intention because that is what we must do. Nothing should be taken for granted. Ever.