Pursue life with urgency and intention because our purpose and dreams cannot wait

Pursue life with urgency and intention because our purpose and dreams cannot wait!

May we inspire each other to effect change while we live, love, and dream boldly!

RMTYD Gets a New Look

My radiant  children

My radiant children

She writes about real life as it relates to busy professionals balancing a career and life while being cognizant of time and purpose. Her blogs highlight optimism and deconstruct the obstacles that stand in the way of living.
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RMTYD Celebrates One Year

February marked one year of blogging!  What a tremendous year!  I am so pleased.  This project has exceeded my expectationsTo celebrate successfully completing a year, RoadMaptoYourDreams.com gets a makeover!  The blog has a new look and format to improve functionality.  You will find it easier to navigate to content based on your personal preference.  Content headers include: Work Life Balance, Health and Wellness, Time Management, Faith, Travel, and Money.  


I am grateful for all the love, encouragement, and feedback behind the scenes.  You are sharing with me and I with you.  Life is richer for these discussions.

Promoting RMTYD

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