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Health and Wellness: Do Something

Make a decision and go!

I finished my 100 Days of Burpees.  What an accomplishment!  I loved having a focused fitness goal.  After the 100 days, I planned on doing some sort of burpee maintenance.  It did not happen.  The last couple week of burpees was exhausting.  I did nearly 1500 burpees in the last two weeks- so I decided to take a break.  Before I knew it I had taken a 30 day hiatus in the name of recovery. 

Monday I had an awesome morning and decided that it was the day that I would start running.  I am learning to enjoy running.  It is high on my list of overall workouts.  No more stalling.  I took action!  

Resting on past achievements will only get us so far.  Health and Wellness requires conscious daily decisions regarding intake and exercise.  Without this, goals and gains slip away and it is easy to lose sight of them.