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Autumn McKenzie Jackson at National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

Autumn McKenzie Jackson at National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

Local excursions

I need to do a better job utilizing the resources in my back yard.  Each of our homes are surrounded by numerous resources that we tend to look past for one reason or another. 

I am grateful to live in an area filled with rich cultural and historical content.  Within 25 miles, I have access to Washington DC, Annapolis, and Baltimore.  It is one of the many reasons why I call this area my home.   What is access if you don't use it?  

Washington DC

The National Mall in Washington DC is home to a huge slice of history full of museums, memorials, historical sites, and gardens.  I used to live on Capitol Hill and would often go for a run amongst the historical sites.  Now that I have two little ones, I am encouraging them to take their place in history.  I want to them exposed to the possibilities and The National Mall is a great place to consider their hopes and dreams. 

Carpe Diem

Last week we drove into Washington DC without a discreet plan.  Our plans to meet friends at a museum had fallen through.  We went to DC, nonetheless.  We happened upon prime street parking next to the Natural Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden.  

Art and Exercise

The National Gallery of Art Ice Rink is in the Sculpture Garden and it was open.  It was a crisp winter day with blue skies and sunshine.  We could not have asked for a better day. Classic melodies playing over the speakers gave one more reason to say yes.  We could not resist.  We do not skate often, so there is a reinitiating phase each time.  My girls progressed from baby steps on the wall to independent free skaters with occasional to falls.


It was a magical day.  Everything was perfect.  We had no agenda and no place to hurry off toward, so we spent the majority of the day there.  It was wonderful.  This past weekend, we were in DC again.  This time the sky was overcast and rain threatened.  Additionally, the ice rink had closed for the season.  Even more grateful for the chance opportunity the week prior.  This time we headed to the museum!



Regardless of where you live, I encourage you to take advantage of the resources in your city.  Even without a plan, go.  Be in the moment and celebrate life.